I'm bulding an mobile app that needs an payment method, that receive the money and pass this money to another person, like eBay. I tried PayPal, but I don't want to everyone that uses the app needs to have an account in PayPal. I need some Plugin that make both parts, receive the money and send this money to an bank account, and then pass this money with some discounts to another bank account.

I found the Adyen, but I'm in Brazil and there isn't some way to make an account hosted in my country, and this is a problem because hosting the account in other country I'll need to pay the fees of that country, resulting in too much lost of money, comparing if the account is hosted in my country.

There are any Plugin that can I use?

Hi Bruno,

Paypal has an option of quick checkout where they can only input their card details rather than logging into Paypal which forces them to have an account. However, paypal charges 5% service fee so you might need to take not of this consideration.

Also, if there are payment gateways available in Brazil other than paypal, you may check as you also need to integrate this with a Bank of account so you can withdraw your money.

Quick search of some payment gateways in Brazil: