Create Data Entry Screen in Intelliwarp


still new to the product so appreciate the help provided to date. Using the Intelliwarp functionality the system creates a "show" screen to display current records to wich you can link to an edit screen etc.

Whats the process for the creation of a initial data entry screen as when the system is new there are no records to show or update. Does intelliwarp by default not create a "create record" screen and you need to clone another screen for this.

What alternative solutions have others created to handle this. Is it easy to copy and edit screen and make it a create screen?.

Thanks Again to any that respond. I have to say I'm impressed by what I have seen to date.



worked it out.. create a link to an edit page which also allows you to enter new as it appears on the menu tabs so can be activated individually. Great stuff.

Cant wait to start looking at the detailed functionality now I have grasped the basics and as i said before its looking like a great tool which is going to speed up the creation of prototypes and point solutions for me enormously.