Hii All,

I am using date picker (in react) to display  number of assignment done in a particular month and displaying it in an expression i.e sum (for example: 28 assignment done in a month) when i click on the back arrow/front arrow  to go to the month as shown in the image i should get the Sum of previous/next month records of assignments without clicking on any particular date.(The assignment is assigned to a particular date but i want total number of assignment done for that month)

 So can anyone help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance,


The date picker widget in react has some problems. I have already reported the incorrect behaviors that the widget is having to the development team and they will look at that asap. I am also already building a workaround on the widget.

So, if it is something urgent, I honestly suggest you look for an alternative in the forge, or alternatively you can have an input text with type date, which will behave similarly, as you can see in the OML that I send you as an attachment.