UPS Address Validation REST or SOAP API 

Hello All,

We have been tasked to do some Address Validations through UPS API's if possible.   Not knowing much about this subject matter other than the OutSystems REST API tutorial, we are looking for some guidance\samples of what seems like a simple address validation.  We have the UPS development kit but that is all we have to this point.

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Hello FrankCLT,

I would recommend creating a separate module for the API integration that would hold all API requests you might need, and one to deal with the business logic of the validation itself. 

If an endpoint is given by UPS, creating the requests should not be a problem following the tutorial. Use Postman to test on parameter inputs and outputs. Your validation request should follow the API documentation (same data types, etc). Outputs will probably hold a success or failure message that will tell you if it's a valid address.

Be careful dealing with user input (special characters, ways to spelling, etc) that might give out errors that are not really errors. Check if the API call deal with "Street"/"St."/"St" variations or if that job is up to you. 

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Thank you for the reply,  I'm a bit confused, I have been playing with the UPS test site "https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/XAV"  

This is as far as I'm able to get.   Not quite understanding the format of the methods. 


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Hello Frank,

I took a look at the documentation. The requests will have to use the POST method and follow this structure (page 17):

Also, have you signed up and have a user ID and License number?

Because the request is an XML and not in a JSON format, I recommend looking into other threads that address that, specially regarding parsing the XML output:

Hope this helps!