[Google reCAPTCHA React] Unable to cast object of type 'lfBranch' to type 'Outsystems.HubEditions ...'

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Published on 31 Jul (3 days ago) by Leandro Oliveira
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Published on 31 Jul (3 days ago) by Leandro Oliveira

Good morning, 

We are having an issue while we try to deploy/install this component: 

Is there anyone with the same problem?
It seems that there is a problem with the type of objects.

Best Regards, 

Hi José good morning,

Can you give more details of your environment?

I successfully installed the component in another Personal environment, Version 11.8.0 (Build 12006) the same version that I used for development, but it gave me this error when I tryed in a Enterprise environment Version 11.7.3 (Build 7036) and Version 11.7.0 (Build 4761).

I will investigate this and open a ticket with Outsystems, it may be some compatibility issue with some resource, based on the message it seems that is a problem with the widget preview.

Best regards,

Leandro Oliveira

Hi José,

I was working on a new version of the component to add some functionality and just published it. This new version was successfully installed in environments version 11.7.3 and 11.7.0. It was indeed a bug in the compiler with widget preview, rebuilding it solved the problem.

Hope this helps you.

Best regards,

Leandro Oliveira