List item's not displaying right within an Adaptive Gallery

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have an idea as to why the first list item is populating to the right-hand side?

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Can you try Adaptive column pattern inside Gallery pattern.

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I only need one Column as the list group populates it.

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Can you share me the oml if possible

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No I am unable to sorry

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Hi AD,

Thanks for the reply still hasn't solved the issue!

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Hi Ben,

You could up the odds of us being able to help dramatically if you would show more about what it is you are doing.  With just a screenprint of the result in a browser, we're all just guessing.

I get that you can't share your customers/employers oml, but there's other things you can do :

  • make a similar design in your personal environment to reproduce the problem, and share that
  • take some strategic screenprints, obfuscating anything sensitive, we'd be interested in your widget tree, the properties of your gallery, your aggregate retrieving the data for it, any custom css... that kind of stuff


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Hi Dorine, 

This is the way in which I have set up the list group within the widget tree, to be able to fill the screen I have set the Item in phone to two. The main issue is that the first list item populates on the right-hand side if there is any other info I could look for let me know,

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all of that looks fine so far.

Can you show what is inside your list in the widget tree ?  

And the list widget properties, to see the binding of the aggregate result.

Also can you show the aggregate details of how you retrieve data.

And any CSS in your module or screen that could explain.

When you look at it with table or pc size, does it look all right then ?

How many items are in your list ?  What happens if you limit items returned from aggregate to an odd and/or an even number.

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Hi Doreen, There is the list item within the gallery and the retrieving of data- I have no CSS within this screen. Yes it does even within service studio as shown in one of my previous it sticks to the correct side. I have changed around the aggregate and still no chnage.  



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still not seeing anything wrong,

if I make a demo with similar gallery, it starts with first item to the left.

How about if you limit the records returned to only 7 (set MaxRecords of the aggregate).  What do you see when in tablet or pc size, is it aligned correctly then, and only wrong in phone size ??  Or is it always wrong ?

it should be

4-3 in pc width

3-3-1 in tablet width

2-2-2-1 in phone width

Oh, btw.  Your filter in the aggregate is something weird.  Your not filtering anything as you are comparing an attribute to itself, so might as well leave it out.

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I have solved it now with the Max Records- thank you for the help!

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Dorine hi,

Would you take a look at this? it is very similar to Ben's issue. i have gallery filled dynamically like this:

the # of items in the gallery is set like this according to the list i fetch:

the list-grp looks like:

the item list look like this:

and someway somehow the gallery has 8 items of which the first is empty:

this behavior is due to the list i use, i have a fixed gallery with 7 items that displays perfectly well (no empty first cell):

when making it dynamic, the empty first cell appears.

thanks ahead,