Lost session variable between apps


I have problems with session variables, we have the following layers for the application that we use in this application
End_User (EU), MobileCoreWidget (MCW), MobileCoreService (MCS), CoreService (CS)
where the session variable is in the CS module and where it has its CRUD and the problem is that when the session is called by a server action, it does not return anything as if the session was empty, for this there is a previous step where you get a list of document numbers and they are saved in the session that is then requested for another process and where the session appears empty.
the process begins, with the consultation of the document history is there where all the documents are saved in a session variable (folios) in CS and part of the detail along with the document number sends it to the MCS and then to MCW to show it in a mobile screen, then the following this step is optional and depends on the client if he wants to do it in which he tries to show an extensive detail of the selected document from the MCW the number of the selected document and this reaches CS where he must filter it with the session variable that was saved in the previous step, but that's the problem, it's empty and you can't compare the data that we sent you from MCW with a session that is empty.



Hello Emilio,

There is no concept of Session in Mobile. Mobile apps run on the device (client-side) while Session variables are stored in the server. So the notion of Session variables in the context of mobile doesn't exist.

Everytime the device calls the server, it is a different Web Request. So all of the session variables stored before will be lost.

This is actually one of the major differences between Mobile / Reactive Web applications and Traditional Web applications. Sessions apply only for Traditional Web applications.

Most likely, you may use the Local Storage to save that information (list of document numbers) so it is available on your application.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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