Mobile App - Saving Data to Local Storage


I am creating a mobile app that needs to save huge data to local storage. I need this data to be ready as soon as the mobile app is installed. This is an offline mobile app. Initially, what I did is load all the data during the first run of the app or during the first time the user opens the app. However, because of this, my google Adsense has been deactivated by google for some reason. As you can see, I am doing a bible app that loads a lot of data. I get the data from an excel file attached to the resources. Can somebody help me loading data to local storage automatically without doing it in runtime or first run of the app?

Thank you very much!


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Hello Allan Bandanes, 

Hope you're well. We usually load only the absolutely necessary information on application launch which user needs and defer loading other unnecessary data on the screen itself. For screens like news feed we use  OnPullToRefresh event to load the new data, etc. 

If you really need to load all the data when the user loads the app for the first time, I would recommend having a screen specifically for loading all the necessary data you need for the app, Load this screen after your splash screen. This screen can show some cool fancy animations/ progress to the user while data is being setup. 

Trigger offline data sync on the screen load and you can use the OnSyncComplete to navigate away from the screen upon completion of offline data sync.