Google Mobile Maps component memory leak

Hi. We have a mobile app with a GoogleMaps \ Map web block from Google Mobile Maps  component. Each time we navigate back and forth between screens memory usage increases. If we repeat this back and forth navigation several times (like 50) we see this error in a console log (iPad connected to Safari Developer tools) "Total canvas memory use exceeds the maximum limit". Map component still works after this error but scripts related to canvas are not.

Seems like not all references to map object are removed in onDestroy event... Any suggestions would be welcomed on how to fix this issue.

Thank you in advance

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Hey Nick, if you're building this for mobile iPad, you need to free up the GMSMapView memory. The maps API uses tiles that are loaded into memory, so if you are using say an iPad (depending on your model) which is 1024 x 768 + retina then you'll need ?MB. So yes you'll have to reduce memory usage by code or within the canvas as you described. You can reduce the map view as a solution. In regards to the onDestroy event with the canvas, I'm not sure but you can also share that error message from Service Studio. Let me know if the GMSMapView addressed the issue.