Change display name of mobile APP
Hello friends.
I would like to know how to change the display name of a mobile app.
In this case, it would be the display name when downloading the APP, either from the store or through the outsystems itself, without changing the name of the module in the service studio.
In the cord has the config.xml where it is possible to change, but I did not find anything in the outsytems.



if you want to change the name of the application as it is presented in stores, you only have to change the name of the app and not the modules.

But the behaviors are different between the apple store and the play store. One reads and displays the name you put in the application in outsystems, another will read the name you put in the store. The same for ICON.

So you mention that you don't want to rename the module, and you don't have to. The names of my modules have nothing to do with the names I have in stores.

Another detail, be careful with the size you put, for the apple, you have a limit, 12 or 15 characters. That is, you can write more than this limit, but the spaces disappear and you will have the words all together (I even think that these two limits exist and have to do with the dimensions of the iPhone screen).

Don't forget that you have to regenerate the application and submit it to stores. Just like when you change the splash, the main color ... 


Hi there,

Considering almost one year passed since this solution was presented. I'd kindly would like to double-check with you all if this is still the smoothest way to rename an app already available on both stores (Play Store and Apple), is it? 

How are you handling this lately? I mean, what is the less impacting/effort way to rename an app on both stores today? 

Thanks in advance. Regards, Kleuber.

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