IOSBuildLog - Check dependencies

Hello everyone, 

when i try generate iOS App, i received this error:

Obs: In others environment (Dev, QA) i can to do that, I have the certificate and Provising, and already got it before, but now it's not working..

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.526Z] [INFO] Start processing job request...

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.543Z] [INFO] Start generating application...

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.544Z] [INFO] Template version: 5.4.3

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.544Z] [INFO] Build features: cordovaNoFetch - true

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.545Z] [INFO] Build features: buildTimeout - 20

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.545Z] [INFO] Creating a temporary folder for the application...

[2020-08-05T09:31:03.547Z] [INFO] Creating the required directory structure for your cordova application...

[2020-08-05T09:31:09.874Z] [INFO] Getting application resources...

[2020-08-05T09:31:09.917Z] [INFO] Processing application resources...

[2020-08-05T09:31:10.240Z] [INFO] Generating application assets...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.726Z] [INFO] Applying configurations in the config.xml file...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.742Z] [INFO] Applying advanced configurations in the config.xml file...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.743Z] [INFO] Applying custom application icons...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.744Z] [INFO] Applying custom application splashscreens...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.744Z] [INFO] Applying application preferences...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.744Z] [INFO] Applying application accessList...

[2020-08-05T09:31:12.745Z] [INFO] Adding target platform...

[2020-08-05T09:32:08.601Z] [INFO] Applying plugins in the config.xml file...

[2020-08-05T09:32:08.603Z] [INFO] Plugin Id:

[2020-08-05T09:32:08.604Z] [INFO] Plugin Action: add

[2020-08-05T09:32:10.605Z] [INFO] Plugin Id:

[2020-08-05T09:32:10.606Z] [INFO] Plugin Action: add

[2020-08-05T09:32:13.817Z] [INFO] Plugin Id:

[2020-08-05T09:32:13.817Z] [INFO] Plugin Action: add

[2020-08-05T09:32:24.211Z] [INFO] Getting signing keys...

[2020-08-05T09:32:24.263Z] [INFO] Building application package...

[2020-08-05T09:33:41.710Z] [ERROR]   remote: Enumerating objects: 151, done.        

  remote: Counting objects:   0% (1/151)        


  remote: Counting objects: 100% (151/151)        

  remote: Counting objects: 100% (151/151), done.        

  remote: Compressing objects:   0% (1/104)        


  remote: Compressing objects: 100% (104/104)        

  remote: Compressing objects: 100% (104/104), done.        

  remote: Total 108 (delta 68), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 0        

  Receiving objects:   0% (1/108)   


  Receiving objects: 100% (108/108)   

  Receiving objects: 100% (108/108), 13.83 KiB | 6.92 MiB/s, done.

  Resolving deltas:   0% (0/68)   


  Resolving deltas: 100% (68/68)   

  Resolving deltas: 100% (68/68), completed with 42 local objects.


     3f4597211c9c..5aee4cb2a597  master     -> origin/master


The following build commands failed:

Check dependencies

(1 failure)


[2020-08-05T09:33:41.711Z] [ERROR] Build failed with the following error: An unexpected error has occurred while generating your application. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact OutSystems Support.

[2020-08-05T09:33:41.711Z] [INFO] Zipping application source...

[2020-08-05T09:33:50.872Z] [INFO] Application was not successfully generated!

[2020-08-05T09:33:50.894Z] [INFO] Execution time: 168031ms

Can you help me, please?

Edited by moderation: redacted the full log of progress to shorten the post and some typos