update version 11

Hello. We are planning a process to update version 11 of the platform and we have a question. If we only update the development environment and lifetime, will we be able to publish applications between environments? Did lifetime manage to publish from a newer version to an older one? In this case, all environments are in version 609 and we will update to the new version that will be released on August 10th.


João Moretti

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Hi joao,

Can you give us some more information?

What exact version numbers are you now? Please include the version number of lifetime, and your platforms.

How is your infrastructure set up? 

Do you plan on updating your DEV server but not (for example) your TEST and want to publish applications between them?

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Hi Moretti,

from what we saw it is not possible, as the system components need the platform updated in each environment. The updated versions of these components become incompatible in non-upgraded environments.