Generate PDF automatically on the server

Generate PDF automatically on the server

Is there any other way of doing that other than using the URL2PDF component? The problem is that it doesn't convert Flash elements to PDF and I'm using the Fusion Charts to generate some graphs in a report.

Also, I need to generate the PDF automatically, without any human intervention so using the print command in the browser and then printing to a PDF printer isn't an option.

Any ideias?

Hi Carlos,

As far as I am aware there is no way to create a PDF based on a page with a FusionCharts graphs. That is because FusionCharts is based on a flash component to display the charts. As such, only with the plugin in the browser can a chart be rendered. You cannot do this on the server.

My suggestion is that you have an alternate page to display the "printable" version of the webscreen and in that screen replace the fusioncharts charts with some chart engine that generates images (gif, jpg...) instead of a flash element. Sometime ago I've used ZedGraph, an open source graphics engine ( and it is very powerfull. The best thing is that there is already a component available in the network to wrap ZedGraph's API so it can be integrated in your app with minor effort (just the one to fill the datasets used for the chart in a different format than for FusionCharts). check it out here:

With this you'll probably be able to use the URL2PDF component (or any other component that generates PDFs) because you'll have an image that you can embbed in the pdf.

Kind regards,
Gonçalo Borrêga
Hi Carlos,

Indeed Flash is not supported in UrlToPDF component, neither in iPad nor iPhone - I'm pretty much an Apple guy, sorry :) 

I recommend you take a look at Agile Reporting Services and check out the charting features, starting with this tutorial.

I'm confident you'll find it easy and fast  when compared to building your charts with ZedGraph or Fusion.

If you need any help, contact-me directly.

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello