[Android back button] Android back button not working and got ControllerDisposedException error
Forge component by Miguel Vicente


I am using AndroidBackButton_Press block in some screen on the app.

Sometimes, the back button is not working and this error show in the error log:

ControllerDisposedException: Invalid call of the 'ActionHandler_OnBackKeyDown' client action of the XXX since the latter is not currently active. This is likely due to a platform's client action being used as an event handler or in a setTimeout function. Consider removing this call by using the 'On Destroy' event of the screen/block or moving your logic to a global client action. 

After that, the back button will not be working in all screen on the app.

How can i resolve this error?

I had the same issue and I believe it was caused from having the AndroidBackButton_Press widget twice on a screen, one in the screen itself and another on a web block used in the screen.

Hi Veronika & Francisca

There was an issue related to the OnDestroy of the Android block that was solved on our last version available today. Also, be careful where you add that block. The best place would be inside the layout, as you can see from the demo we have attached to the component. You had seen that issue because the user, or even you, in this case, were too fast at navigating from one screen to another, so when the Android back button was loading, you already change the context, so he was not able to be called.

Anyway, if you have more feedback would be great. Our goal is always to improve our components.

Also, sorry for the late reply. I will try to be faster on the support.

Thank you!

Kind Regards 

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