[Multilingual Component] [Multilingual] Get Locale to send as a request

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Published on 20 May by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 20 May by OutSystems R&D

Hi all,

I have difficult to find a good solution to GetLocale in Mobile (O10).

Locale value should be sent as request on Fetch Data from other sources:

Fetch data from other sources logic (FetchWS):

My question is: How to get Locale inside of the Fetch data from other sources?

Any suggestions?

Best regards


The way we do it is store the locale selection of the user in an entity like UserPreference that way, it is accessible on the server side all the time. Every time the user changes the locale on the app, store the changed locale on the Userpreference entity against the user.

There are two benefits in doing so,

  1. You retain the user's locale preference for any future sessions which provides better user experience
  2. You get access to the user locale from the server side.