Login in Enterprise manager using Windows Integrated Authentication

Login in Enterprise manager using Windows Integrated Authentication

Hi Guys,

I am wondering how I can setup a login that uses the browser Authentication method (NTLM) to login to Enterprise Manager.

When I look at the mechanisms, I feel there is a kind of a mixup between the Authentication mechanism to and the source that has defined the user  "Permission(s)".

When I setup a Webscreen to use Integrated Authentication the system doesn't seem to retrieve the related user permissions from Enterprise Manager and I'm presented (through the Security Exception) with the login screen.
Looking at the doc's you would would want me to use Active Directory (/LDAP) to retrieve the permissions.

Also, when I have a user in Active Directory and try to login when this user doesn't exist in Enterprise Manager, I'd expect the Active Directory system only to be used to Authenticate  the user and after that the Enterprise Manager system to set the users permissions (by looking at the users loginname).
Should the user not exist in Enterprise Manager, the permissions should be set to Anonymous; for the user HAS already passed Authentication.

It looks like Integrated Authentication has been setup as a 'permission' on top of the default permissions instead of as an Authentication mechanism on the same 'level' as the Enterprise Manager.
Hello Eric

In order to setup the Integrated Authentication on Enterprise Manager, you must follow the Enterprise Manager Techincal Note, in particular, the section about the Authentication Methods.

This technote is available in the Enterprise Manager 5.0.9 zip package, available in the version history link of the component. 

Try following those instructions, and give here some feedback.


Miguel Simões João