Can I store my user in separate entity beside system default user entity?

For example, I have application A and Application B; I do not want to store both, application A and application B user to system User entity.

I want to store application A users to a custom entity E.g. application-A-Users. In addition, Application B users to a custom entity E.g. application-B-Users.

Is it possible?


Hi Said,

Why do you need that? What is the problem of using the same Entity?

I think for you to that, you need to use the User entity and have the Id of the User as Id of your Custom entities:


Hi Luís, 

As per audit policies (in my organization), not to store two different application user details in same entity.

Hi all,

In the shared User entity, you have the right to delete users of other applications. Is that a good reason?

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