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In my reactive application I want to create a function that sends notifications to users. This function already works, using a user ID input that allows all notifications that are created using that user's ID to be displayed on your notifications page.

Now, what I intend to do is a function that creates notifications for all existing users in my application. For example, if a user creates an event in the calendar in the application, I want this action to be announced and notified to all other users to know that a new event exists. How can I do this? I think a "for each" should be used but I don't know how to do it?

Thank you!

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If your notification is a record in the database, for better performance (since it is a bulk operation), its better do it with SQL widget instead of "For each".

But can you give as more detail about your actual implementation? Can you share an OML or printscreens of your code? That can help to understand better your use case.


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