Progress Bar showing status of file upload -Reactive Web


I'm using the upload widget in OutSystems to upload files. I have to show the status of the upload being done. The status should be 100% only when the the file is completely saved to database. 

I tried using Progress bar widget in Outsystems, but couldn't show the actual status of upload.

This is the action to save the file to Database.

And this is how I need the status bar to be like How can I show the actual progress?


Hi Adharsha,

You need to update the progress bar yourself with every step. So if you have 3 steps you need to update the bar to 33% after to first step, 66% after the second and 100% after the last. Please note that this will only work this way if you use Client Actions (Ie, Mobile or Reactive). 

If you use Web Traditional of have these steps combines into one Server Action you will not be able to it this way and you will need to create a Screen Action that does these same update steps together with an Ajax Refresh after each update of the variable of the status bar.