Can you edit the the markup of a default form widget?

 I create a new form as below:

The form looks OK at the moment but I''d like to group certain fields elements together and display them horizontally, for example.

I could wrap input elements in a container and style those using classes etc.but is there a way of being able to change the HTML that the form widget generates once you drag it onto the page?

The only way I could see to do it at the moment is to change the HTML and CSS after I've added the form. Is this the only way?

Hello Rob!

The form built is just an accelerator to help you move along quickly.  You can certainly make modifications to it by dragging widgets into it, or by switching into the Widget Tree (top right of your screenshot) and making changes there.

I hope that helps!


If I understood your question, when you do this process, a form is made with this default provision. But you can add columns within the form, or make other arrangements of your form inputs. You just have to make sure that everything is inside the widget form, in the widget tree, if you want to validate the form later.


Hi Rob, see this image, maybe help you:


Thank you all for the quick responses! It looks like there's a number of ways to change the form once you have the inputs generated by the data. 

I think I was dreaming that a user could just drag the form into the screen and have it rendered using custom HTML that we had changed beforehand, meaning they wouldn't need to make tweaks themselves. I thnk that's unrealistic given how it works.

It sounds like what I really need to do is to make a custom block with the HTML and classes we need and the users can then add them to that instead.

Definitely a few options to try!