List bulk select error

Hello, I'm with a strange behavior in my application. In a table records, I'm using Rich Widget's list bulk select. I'm passing it two links that correspond to two operations. The strange behavior is that the table is appearing as every row is selected. The style changes to "TableRecords_Selected" but nothing is selected, the combobox are de-selected and if i try to do a bulk operation, it gives me zero rows. Although, everything behavior like the whole rows are selected. Can anybody help me?
Ok. I think that I've discovered a bug. 

If you have, in the same row of the table records, another checkbox to show if a value is true or false...and if it's checked, even than the one that is controlling if you select or not a row, than it will change the style.

Anyone solved this bug??? HELP ME
Hi Carlos,

If you can repeat that behavior and send a small sample to I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out.

Tiago Simões
It's easy...

In rich widgets, the List_BukSelect javascript code, check if in a table line there is a combobox checked. The problem is when you have two or more combobox per line. Imagine you have the one controlling the select and de-select process and another one to show if a value is active or not. If that value is active and you haven't selected the row, the row will appear with the style selected because has found a combobox checked.

The code should identify, if possible, the controlling checkbox. Do you think they can help?

I'am have a problem with list bulk select when I select more than one record, the confirmation message display a message for each record and Feedback message appears with zero records deleted but they were erased from the table record. Why Feedback Message appears like this (i have a counter variable) and if any problem with list bulkselect widget when sectected more than one record. Can anybody help me?