[Sms Retriever Plugin] GenerateHashKey action is stuck on iOs
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The plugin works fine on Android device but it stuck on iOs (iPhone 8) on the action GenerateHashKey.

Any idea why it doesn't work?


Hi Egor Tsvetkov ,

I had a go through on the base repo used in the same & it seems that the plugin itself doesn't support iOS. Even if you observe the source repo then there's only an android source resides.
Ref: https://github.com/Paulimjr/sms-retriever-plugin 

@Creator - Do please update the description of the plugin if that's the case.
Thanks in Advance :)

Hope this helps,



Hi Egor Tsvetkov,

From my research into the plugin i found that assif_tiger is indeed correct, the plugin is supposed to be used only on android.

If you read the description of the plugin you may find the "iOS section" where its describes what you need to do to get this feature on iOS.

This is by not using the plugin and simply inserting a attribute in the input_field you want with name:"autocomplete" and value:"one-time-code"

My suggestion would be to use the GetPlatform action available in the CommonPlugin to assert which is the current platform and through there execute the flow you are using in the image only when on Android as to not cause the flow to get stuck when on iOS.

Best Regards,


Guys, thank you both. 

You were right, for iOs  I have to skip the main flow of SmsRetrieverPlugin for iOs. IOs allows autocompleting according to attribute on text-input.

It's wasn't clear from the plugin description. Would be great to update the description like:

- for Android:  ...

-for iOs:...

Thank you guys for your help.

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