[Internal App Store] Can't install IOS app

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Published on 6 Jan by Experts
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Published on 6 Jan by Experts


I have an IOS app setup with an enterprise certificate and uploaded to the Internal App Store but it's stuck on `Installing app...` without any feedback. The app wasn't created using an outsystems solution but exported from XCode. It was also tested on other app stores and worked as expected so this possible eliminates any problems with the cert/provisioning profile.


Darion Hernandez.

Hi Darion, 

how are you doing?
with the internal App Store the only thing that we do is making your ipa our app available to download.

From the problem that you are exposing there 2 possible root causes: 

1) or you have not installed the certificate in your device that allow your app to run 

2) or there is an issue with the ipa generated 

please let’s us know if you were able to solve it 

Thank you

Kind regards   

Did you install the cert on the device?

Is it required that the certificate need to be pre-installed and trusted?