Failing to open downloaded apps in another environment

Hi. I have an application which I developed in outsystems v10 and I can't open it in my new environment v11. I wanted to copy it but due to intellectual rights it states that I can't open it in another environment due to different licences. I can't copy it to my personal environment as well as it is v11. What's the best way to handle this. I will need the source code for future reference. Thank you. 

I don't intend to publish the app, I just need the code for future reference in my personal environment. 

You can user the IPP Portal to transfer the licenses between systems. I think your license might need to be linked to the same company 


Let me just complement Jeanene's answer regarding Intellectual Property Protection mechanisms in OutSystems.

If you developed your application in a different environment (doesn't really matter what version of OutSystems, or whether it's an Enterprise Environment or a Personal Environment), you will not be able to publish it into a different Personal Environment.

The only way of publishing modules or applications in your Personal Environment is if you developed them in that environment. The only exception is if you got them from the Forge or a Forum post attachment.

If your Service Studio is not connected to any environment you will still be able to open IPP protected modules and check the code, but won't be able to publish anywhere other than the original environment they were developed on (you will also not be able to copy & paste).

Hope this helps!