Re Platform Server 11.9.0 - Does Lifetime server need to be upgraded?

Forgive me if this is a stupid question. (or series of stupid questions)
I've not done any of the Platform / infrastructure stuff in the past.

We are current running an inhouse 6 server environment: (All Windows Server 2016)

  1. Lifetime  11.5.2 (Build 344) / Platform Server 11.7.3-12739
  2. Dev - Platform Server 11.8.0 Build 12006
  3. UAT - Platform Server 11.8.0 Build 12006
  4. DB server for Lifetime, Dev and UAT environments (SQL Server)
  5. Prod - Platform Server 11.8.0 Build 12006
  6. DB server for Prod. (SQL Server)

If only for my experience, we have identified that we should be doing the Platform Server 11.9.0 critical update.

This says "Can be managed by LifeTime 11, Release Sep.2019 or later" - My first question is this:  Do we need to update anything on our Lifetime Server?  - We are thinking NO, at this point, But I'm also sure that I have read that Lifetime should also be the most up to date environment in order to manage the other environments.

We currently have a plan that excludes our Lifetime environment.

We are planning to update our Dev Environment, first, then our UAT envornment, and finally our Prod environment, with the understanding that no development can be pushed from Dev to UAT till the UAT has been updated, and nothing can be pushed from UAT to Prod till the Prod environment is also updated.

This looks to be an enormous amount of work that will need to be done for each of our environments, and whilst I'm chalking this one up to necessary experience, I'd like to think we don't need to be doing this sort of exercise on a routine basis, and would like to know if any of the update processes can be automated, and if so how that automation fits into the whole scheme of what needs to be done? (as A developer I understand we would still need to be refreshing links in apps etc.)


Hi Steve,

Starting with OutSystems 11, Lifetime is now in an independent update cycle from the Platform Server. Since your version is 11.5.2 (6 releases after the Release Sep.2019 - check here for more info) you don't have to update it in order to update your environments.

There's documentation on Unattended Installation and Upgrade of OutSystems 11 that might prove useful to you.

Hope this helps!