[Star Rating React Widget] Need to add an OnParametersChanged

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Published on 30 Mar by Robert Carter
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Published on 30 Mar by Robert Carter

Nice component and seems to work great. The main thing that needs to be changed is to add an OnParametersChanged so that if the underlying rating changes for whatever reason, the component will reflect that.


Added the OnParameterChanged to the widgets. I dont have permission to update the actual component


Hi Munjal, 

Sorry for the delayed response, work was very busy. Thank you for the suggestion and code, I will take a look. Out of curiosity, did you have a use case where you needed OnParameterChanged?

No problem. The usecase is that with reactive web, I cannot predict exactly when data will be loaded. So I would not know the value for the start when initializing it. Therefore, I need to be able to change the the number of active stars when my data has loaded. 

I hope I did a good job explaining. I see that there is a "newer" version. Does that mean that the OnParameterChanged is implemented? I am scared to update it from the Forge in case my changes will be overwritten.

PS. I did not do the most effecient update baesd on the paramter update. I am sure there is a more performant way of doing it as opposed to what I am doing which is just a full refresh. 

Thanks for the great component.