How to Consume SalesForces API in Reactive Web App.


I have developed an app. in salesforce and i have the token and id password, now i want to connect the app to outsystem reactive web app.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Ram,

There are two Salesforce connector in the forge, but for traditional web. You may have to consume the APIs and do the integration yourself. There is no readily available component for the reactive web.




You should be able to integrate a Reactive Web application with SalesForce server-side by using the available connectors: SalesForce Connector and SalesForce REST (assuming their API hasn't changed since).

If you need your Reactive Web application to integrate with SalesForce client-side, you will likely want to use some JavaScript library that make it easy for you. Apart from whatever SalesForce provides directly for this, there were two different JS libraries that seemed to work at some point in time, you can check  ForceJS (older doesn't seem to have been updated in quite some time) and JSForce (seems to be in active development).

Hope this helps!