[QR Code Scanner] Scanner not working on Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy Tab Active 2
Forge component by Vitor Teixeira
Published on 08 May 2020

One thing I've noticed is, originally it started out with my front camera on my samsung note 9 which was a pain and wasn't working well but then somehow it changed to the back camera.  I am not sure if there is a way to add a setting that would set the camera preference? 

But now it is back to selecting the front camera on my Note 9, Also on my Galaxy Tab Active 2 it starts at the front camera and then locks up the camera.

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(Hi Richard I know this doesn't help answer you question but I just wanted to add that I am having the same problem) 

Hi Vitor , I'm running an app on an Samsung Galaxy Note 10. I have left the camera parameter to 'back'  but it seems to only use the front camera so its getting my face and not the QR code I am pointing at. I also tried to change the camera parameter to 'front' just in case it worked the opposite way. however that didn't work either.
(I am guessing as there are 3 cameras on the back the code cannot figure out which back camera to use and defaults to the front camera) . I would be helpful it you can help me fix this issue. Thanks.