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I am a beginner in outsystems . I am trying to understand the architecture of Outsystems platform server.

The code we develop in the service studio are being compiled and deployed into the iis server at the client's location.Does it means that every client has to have a windows server and outsystems aplication cannot be deployed into another server like Apache tomcat. I am sorry if my question is very dumb.But would really give me a picture if some one could clarify


In "On Premises" installations yes, Client need to have windows server. If it's "PaaS" (Cloud) Outsystems take care of that for the client.

You can check this link for more info: 

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Yes, On publishing your code, outsystems .net platform actually generates .net code to run the application. This code will be deployed in windows front end server. So, you need a windows server to deploy underlying .net deployment units


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Since you are new to OutSystems (and welcome by the way!), I would like to recommended the following course that gives a nice overview of what an OutSystems Platform setup looks like.

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Thank you everyone :) for the quick replies.