Table Header freeze in Datatables component

i'm using DataTables component.. in that i want to freeze the header during vertical scroll and unfreeze the header during horizontal scroll..

i stuck in this for the past 2 days.. get me out of this..

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Hi Hanishq,

So how do you think we can help you? The only info you gave is you want some functionality and you didn't get it working. To make the changes bigger that someone can help you consider the following:

  • As this is related to a forge component, preferable you post your question on the support page of that component.
  • Share an OML with the DataTables component implemented, so that  someone can try to make it working for you. 
  • Share the things you tried but didn't get working. 
  • If you got error messages in the browser console or service center while trying to get it working share those.

As the DataTables component used the DataTables javascript library, you could also try to find an answer on the DataTables forum: https://datatables.net/q/?q=fixedHeader%3A+true