I'm trying to get a variable in the URL but I can't find anyway to do it...
For instance, i have the URL: "http://localhost/testingOutsystems/index.aspx?token=132435", how can I obtain the value "132435" indicating that the variable is "token"?

Hope you can help me :)

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Hi Miguel,

I'm guessing that token is not one of your input parameter in index screen, wright?

Is there a hidden reason for that parameter not being an input parameter?


Hi Miguel,

You can get the URL of the current HTTP request by using the GetURL action of the HttpRequestHandler extension - this extension is available in the Enterprise Manager component. By parsing the URL string you can easily get the value of a specific parameter.

Going back to the question made by Ricardo Araújo - why don't you add a token parameter to your webscreen? By doing so, you will immediately have the variable available in the screen actions without the need to look into the HTTP Request.


Daniel Lourenço

The example I gave is just an example. My application isn't working that way of course :)
And for what I'm doing I can't just put an input box in the webscreen.

Just one more question since I'm new to OutSystems, is there any function or something to perform parsing?

Thanks in advance
Hi Miguel,

Daniel and i aren't talking about an input box but an screen input parameter wich is different.

Check the movie in attach to see in detail what we are talking about.

About parsing...What do you need to parse?

Thanks :)

Sorry for not understanding at first but you helped me :)

Thank you very much
No problem Miguel, the important is that you understood.