Good morning all.   We are building a new reactive web application where we need to log unique user sessions and then create child activities that include all actions taken by the user during their session.   I originally planned on using the GetSessionID function to get the unique session when the user logs in and using that to create the parent record, but I'm seeing that in Reactive web the SessionID does not exist.

To summarize I need to create a parent record for an entity that shows the user session start datetime, session end datetime, user agent, user IP.      Then each activity that the user completes while logged in will be written to a second entity that is foreign keyed to the session entity, so we can easily report on what the user did during their session.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish what I need?

You could try using the On Application ready System event under Client Actions and generate your own UUID and store it in a client variable

Thanks, I'll look into this.   It's unfortunate that SessionID went away because it was nice being able to grab that key and know it was unique.


You have Customer variables. When the user logs in, you register the time, and you can create a Log Entity, and a registration action that has as parameters, the username, date and time, and a variable that you can pass an action on. You spread this action everywhere, and with every call that happens from a server action, before or after you also call this action, and so you can record everything you did. If you want more detail, add the following attributes to all tables:

- Created by

- Created on

- Updated by

- Updated on

and in each table in the database you will always have the information of who created and when, and who was the last to update.

I hope this helps you.