Best way to learn to make a custom layout on a reactive ap


I like this way of working very very much but what still buggging me is that I find it very difficult to make a custom layout like a nice looking invoice. 

Is there another way then the path to learn to make custom layouts and templates to learn how to do that.

I looked that videos several times but still I cannot make it work 



Hi Roelof,

If you mean these layout web blocks:

Then this link would be a good place to start (there is a layout section): 

If you are referring to the layout when creating a screen or arranging widgets, the Reactive guided path is a good idea, otherwise making use of the Widget Tree (top right corner of screen edit window) to arrange your widgets really makes the job easier in my opinion.

 Let me know what you think.

Kind regards,


I mean with a layout that I like to make a site like this :

and a invoice which looks like this :


I believe the best way would be to start building an researching each part you would like to implement. This step-by-step method is one of the best ways to learn these kind of skills as there are too many parts to be able to cover every possible scenario/layout in a few videos. 

I see you have covered most of the Reactive courses already, but there are a few more course available in Outsystems Learn when you search for "Front-end". These courses combined with some "Googling" for the parts they might not cover will be all you need to make those beautiful dashboards :)


you mean this courses :

Roelof Wobben wrote:

you mean this courses :

 Unfortunately the link does not copy the search text along with it, but you are correct that is the page with all of the courses on, and when you search for "Front-end" you will find the correct ones