Link to expand Container like Container_ExpandCollapse RichWidget

Link to expand Container like Container_ExpandCollapse RichWidget



I wanted to know if there is anyway to make a link act like the Container_ExpandCollapse RichWidget.
I have the widget in my website but the arrow seems a little bit small and wanted to expand the clickable area to a link.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

Miguel Ribeiro
Hi Miguel.

I don't have much experience with that widget, but I would assume it's pretty much doable. Worst case scenario, you'd create a link that in its on_click action would do the same as the small arrow - you would hide the arrow in runtime, and with javascript have the link's "onclick" action equal the image's "onclick".

...but I'm hopeful that there's a more elegant solution :)

Would this suggestion already get you moving in the right direction? Let us know.

Paulo Tavares
Hi Miguel,

You have several options here, for all of them I would sugest you to clone the richwidgets eSpace into one of your own (ex: MyRichwidgets) so that you don't have problems upgrading RichWidgets in the future and losing your modifications.

After that just go to the "Container_ExpandCollapse" webblock in your cloned eSpace.

Option 1:
- You said that the images seem small to you, weel you can just go to the "width" and "height" properties of the arrow images and set them to a higher size, ex: 24x24 (original is 16x16)

Option 2:
- Replace the images of the arrows for a text link, like you said in your post, this one is a bit trickier because you should copy all the link properties in the image to the link in your text, otherwise you'll need to modify the javascript. (because of the object Id's)

Option 3:
- Just replace the arrows with some images of your own! 

If you still have doubts just ask!

Hope it helps,
Hermínio Mira
...well, yes, Hermínio's advice is actually the best one ;)

Do disregard mine, for all the unnecessary complexity involved.

Regards, and thanks Hermínio!

Paulo Tavares