I have a question regarding process in OutSystems.

Does process is same as a trigger in database.

If No then what’s the difference between timer and process?

Hi Pradip,

Timers are a single action that is executed at once on a certain schedule.

BPT's can be triggered or stopped on database events, i.e., they can start when a record from a certain entity is created, they can wait for some time or activity to resume the execution or they can wait for a Human Activity, i.e., a user decision (approve or reject something, for example).

If you want more information on BPT's you can check the documentation here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Use_Processes_(BPT) 

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A timer is just like a scheduled job in a database.

A Process in OutSystems can be a Light BPT process or a BPT Process. 

  • Light BPT will (can) activate a process immediately after Datamanipulation on an Entity. The big difference with triggers is that (normally) triggers are executed within the same transaction, where a Light BPT Process will start seperately.
  • BPT is imho more for digitalizing workflows.

And please check the document Pedro mentioned.
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Hi Pradip,

On addition to Padro's answer.

BPT is not that straight forward. It is a very powerful tool and have lot of features and can be start on record creation or can be called from other action (with help of launch action).

It can automate a lo of processes (as name suggest BPT) in an organisation.

You need to deep dive in BPT tutorials. And if you want to Understand in detail, in addition to Padro's provided url go through followinf master class and make sure to complete that assignment given in master class:


Hi Pradip, 

Below is difference between timer and process.


To execute asynchronous logic, use Timers. This is useful to execute batch tasks like sending emails at a predetermined time, or to execute logic to configure an application after its deployment.

A timer can be awaked in three different ways:

On a predetermined time;

After the application has been published;

Either programmatically or manually.


A Process is an element that allows you to integrate your business processes into your applications. A process is designed in a process flow, which usually represents the activities that have to be carried out during an entity life cycle.

for more details, take a look here:



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