Validation process is taking a long time.so it continued in the background.

Hi All,

After upgrade our lifetime to version 11, we get the following message for a while even though we push a very small model.

I am trying to know what comes this message.

Please help me why this message is coming.


Vijay M-

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Hi Vijay,

I'm not sure when this is triggered, however from my usage it usually appears when there are a lot of dependencies in a deployment plan. The application can be small but have a lot of dependencies to check and therefore this background validation is triggered.

Basically you have to look at the deployment plan as a whole: all apps and dependencies that will need to be checked to ensure nothing breaks.

If what I said does not apply to your use case, I recommend talking with OutSystems Support.

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Hi Vijay,

Thanks for reaching out.
O11 come with many new cool features but also some alignment in core features of the platform that needed some work. Analysis of dependencies between modules was one of the areas where we had to do some changes to support new features but also to bring consistency between platform's different components.
Due to the possible impact on validations time, specially in the first time you compute the dependencies between to different versions of modules, we introduced a feature to run those validations in the background, instead of what happened before which would calculate the dependencies during the user's request to the server.
So, this is completely expected. If LifeTime is taking more than 15 secs to calculate the dependencies it just continues in the background so that you are not blocked in the screen.

You didn't mention your full version, but we would always recommend you to move to the most recent version of LifeTime since we had a couple bugfixing in that area that can damage it's performance.

Hope this clarifies your questions,

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Previously, there was an option to select all to check ,uncheck the outdated dependencies,which is not available now.

Vijay M-

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Thank you for the feedback.

Can you please, next time, submit feedback using the "chat icon" in the top right corner of lifetime. This will allow you to submit suggestions directly to the team. (Please bear in mind that it is not the same as contacting OutSystems Support)