Shopping Cart Application

Shopping Cart Application



I'm trying to create a simple shopping cart application to send flowers with user and back-office flows as follows:

User flow:
  • Registration (CAPTCHA if available)
  • Login
  • Add/Manage Contact
  • Send flowers for $10, $20, etc (integrate with payment gateway)
  • Track order fulfilment status
  • Logout
Back-office user flow:
  • Login
  • Orders Report
  • Update Order status
  • Logout
Am I able to build this with community edition?  I was unable to add users or roles in the service center.  Greatly appreciate your assistance. 

I've so far enjoyed getting to learn and use the community edition.  I'm not sure I understand the details of the pricing especially if I have to get a non-community edition to even test out user validation/roles.

Thank you for your time to answer my query
Hi Prabhu,

First let me welcome you to the community, secondly you are going to be able to do all of that, and a lot more! :)

For the CAPTCHA go here:

As for roles and user management you need to download and publish Enterprise Manager.

Hope it helps you get started,
Hermínio Mira