Halfway - during installation of community edition,  windows XP reboots

Halfway - during installation of community edition,  windows XP reboots

My system reboots - Halfway - during installation of community edition,  windows XP reboots - My desktop just restarts and my laptop shows me BLUE SCREEN with memory dump

I noticed - the system reboots after .net, service studio and integration studio is installed...hence when the systems restarts I can use the service studio - but when i try to use ' one click ' it says no local host found , on putting the password for local host...

I am using Windows Xp - SP2 -

In my browser - http://localhost/servicecentre gets me to ' The page cannot be found'


Sourabh Welling
Hello Sourabh

If you have a blue screen during installation of the Agile Platform Community Edition, you might be hitting on some system instability or corruption.

The usual suspects are:
  • system files corruption, usually solved by repairing the system, or reinstalling the corrupted component
  • driver problems, usually fixed by installing the latest versions of your system drivers (graphics board, chipset, usb controllers, disk controllers, audio etc)
  • disk corruption, usually detected and fixed by checking the disk for bad sectors
  • memory corruption, usually detected by running some memory test tool (e.g.,http://www.memtest.org/)
  • other hardware failures, sometimes detected by hardware diagnostics tools.
Regarding the Service Center, the correct URL is http://locahost/ServiceCenter, but depending on the stage of the Agile Platform Community Edition installation where the failure occurs, it may be available or not.

Hope this information helps you in troubleshooting this problem.


Miguel Simões João