Dynamic sort stops working on aggregates grouping fields when a new column is grouped



There's a Service Studio issue that may be as old as the aggregates are and hasn't been fixed yet:


Let's say there's a webscreen listing data in a table records which has as source an aggregate that is grouping fields and is sorting them using a dynamic sort which is receiving as input the group-by-field-aliases defined in the sort widgets present in the tablerecords header cells and it all works as expected.


Now there's a new column to add to the tablerecords so we need to:

1 - add the field to add to the aggregate group by

2 - add the column to the table records and configure the sort by widget with the new group-by-field-alias


This should be enough to have the screen properly order the table records by that new column but unfortunately service studio has a bug and this does not work. We still need to 

3 - open the aggregate "sorting" tab, copy the text present in the dynamic sort, delete the dynamic sort, create a new dynamic sort and past the exact same content the previous dynamic sort had 


Only then the sorting starts to work.


I'm sure that, like me, many other developers stumbled upon this issue, did the third step, got the aggregate to work and moved on but having developers forget about the extra non intuitive and supposed to be unnecessary third step it is really something that is bound to keep on happening so i just wanted to have this posted here so that maybe the probability of R&D keeping on forgetting about this bug lowers a bit.

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Hi Filipe,

Indeed it is something it already made me struggle to understand the issue.

It would be great if the platform could made this visible.

Thanks for sharing.