I encountered a problem when I am testing Reactive Web's Upload Widget. I am implementing an Edit Document feature that lets the user either: 

a) change the file's description or 

b) change the file that got uploaded altogether

The image below shows where my Upload Widget (called Upload3) stores the file that was uploaded by the user.

I put breakpoints on the assignments of each field and sure enough I did get a confirmation that the assignments went through as expected.

The problem starts upon validating the contents that were inputted. When the input panel pops up, I was expecting the whole field to be filled since this is an edit of a valid entry and sure they are populated correctly.

Now as a user, I can safely assume that clicking the Edit Document button should not return any error since all the fields are filled in (both are mandatory) as per requirement. But when I click on Edit Document, it returns an error.

And what I don't understand is that it returns an error ONLY on the Upload Widget stating that the value is empty/incorrect. Is this the expected behavior of Upload Widget (i.e. it requires the user to re-upload the same file to be valid) or am I missing something here?

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Hi Yosua,

I checked with the same implementation and I also witnessed the same behavior as you mentioned in the Post. I guess it is a bug specific to the Upload Widget when it is used inside the Popup widget 

Test App -- UploadWidget Bug

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open the Popup by clicking the Show Popup button

2) Enter the Form input value (all the fields are mandatory)

3) Click the Save Button (Close the popup by clicking the Cancel button)

4) Re-open the Popup by clicking the Show Popup button (the popup Form will be pre-filled with the previous values)

5) Click the popup Save button and you will observe the Invalid Value! ( Upload Widget - Inline Error message)

Note that the Form input values is still available in the record fields mapped with the Popup Form widget (i.e. Image is still visible in the Parent Screen)

Cause: The Upload Widget Valid runtime property is getting set back to False value on the popup close, though it is having the valid Binary Content and the File Name Value

Work Around:

- On the click of the Edit Document or Save (In my case) popup Form button, check the binary field value and if the Binary field/attribute is having the valid value i.e. not null binary value, then explicitly set the Upload Widget Valid runtime property to True value using assignment node as shown below

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam


Thanks Benjith. I'll definitely give it a shot!

Yosua Witantra wrote:

Thanks Benjith. I'll definitely give it a shot!

You're welcome Yosua :)

If you find any other solution, Please share the same with us :)


Benjith Sam