Google Address Map Component

I am building an e-commerce application on the OutSystems web (OS 11). There, I have stored the seller's address in the database of OutSystems. While viewing the product detail I want the google map to locate to the corresponding seller's address as per fetched from the database. Here  I am using the Google Maps API from the forge component. In the Google Maps API, I am using the "Address Map Component".

Now the main problem is when I pass the address to the Address field of the "Address Map Component" from the stored address in the database, the map is not showing any location. Instead, it is always locating the "Ocean". 

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?  Or can anyone guide me on how to use the Address Map Component properly?


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Hi Nandik, 

On forge there are dozens of goole maps component. Which specifice forge component are you using?

Is it Google Static Maps API?



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Hi Nandik,

I believe you have to provide a valid API key in order to use the component, have you done that?

Also, in order to debug it properly, it could be interesting if you create a very simple screen with an input where the user can type an address and then display that address on your map, just so you can quickly try things like accepted address formats and such.