maximum open cursors exceeded


I am facing maximum open cursors exceeded while running web app built using RWA. Tried by increasing the Cursor limit to 6000, but soon getting the same message again. Any idea on how to resolve it from Outsystems by closing it out after the call ? 

Am i missing some configuration in Outsystems for Oracle to handle Open cursors/ is there any coding best practice available to cater this?

Hi Debasis,

I'm unsure if there is any cursor specific configuration. Do checkout configration manual for oracle



Hi Swatantra,

thank you for your reply, however i didn't find any specific configuration related to open cursor handling.

I was under impression that Outsystems takes care of this soon after the transaction is complete. However, i witnessed it for remaining open even after the transaction is complete (irrespective of the commit statement). 

This seems to be a Grey area for me now. 

I appreciate for any guidance in this forum to overcome the situation i am facing. I do have a huge amount of records to be processed daily and the Oracle cursor limit should not cause any issue as my job is processing the records sequentially.

Hello Debasis,

Are you using BulkInsert or a massive amount of data ?

if soo, you have to use after the bulk a CommitTransaction.

Hope it helps

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