Community Recognition: Top Solution Contributors

During the month of August, the OutSystems Community witnessed over 265 solutions shared from members all over the world!

For this edition, we would like to highlight a few members who posted the most solutions in the month of August. The contributions by these individuals listed below have helped countless community members to continue their learning. Let’s celebrate and recognize these top contributors from last month! 

Top Solution Contributors in August 2020

# of Solutions per Country (Top 3)

  • Portugal - 97

  • India - 74

  • Netherlands - 38

Thank you again to all of our contributors last month!  Can't wait to see what September has in store!

Is there a solution or community member you’d like to give a special shout out to? Leave a comment below and let everyone know! 

(Note: based on data collected from August 1st to August 31st)

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Congratulations All,

I think this post generate for every month.

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Very cool !

Congrats guys.

I agree Rahul Sahu.

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Clap clap clap...

Congratulations to these people in particular. This recognition is essential to foster the community and encourage others to collaborate on the results.

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Congratulations to all!

And thank you :)

Very Cool. Congratulations.

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Hi Cat,

I think it would be great that there is a dedicated page on the forum to share this information, like currenty the only chart is the last month 10 top posters. Why not also include two chart of the last months top solution contributors and the solutions per country.

This way you don't have to manually collect and share this information, and the information is also more visible to the community.

The forum is extremely active, and a new post only stays visible on the first page for a short time.

Congratulations to all for their dedication!

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I agree with Daniel. 

The Community Leaderboard page would be a great place to convert into a Community Dashboard and extend it with more community statistics like:

  • Top Solution Contributors of the month + of all time
  • Top Forge Contributors of the month + of all time
  • Top Cheerful (likes given) Community Members of the month + of all time
  • Top Celebrated (likes received) Community Members of the month + of all time
  • And more...

Let give this amazing OutSystems Community its own Wall of Fame!



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Congratulations to all and thanks Cat Martinez for sharing.

This is an encouraging post.


Vijay M-

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Cool, congrats

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Well done everyone!

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Congratulations guys!

And thank you for sharing :)

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Congratulations all :)

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Thank you everyone and special thanks to all the contributors and Forum Leaders and Experts... 

I'm very excited and happy to be here :)

Learning, Exploring and Sharing.... Hurray! :)

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Awesome. Congratulations to all :)

excellent idea Nordin ! Lets make a dashboard.

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Awesome. Congratulations to all :)

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Kudos for the good work !! Keep it up community.

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Also, completely agree with the idea Daniel and Nordin highlighted. A dynamic wall of fame is the right place with the type of contributions. Not to compare, but to mention.. other community(ies) also have dedicated Leaderboards segregated by forum, forge, learning, overall score etc. This encourages more engagement.

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Let’s put it to a vote! I created an idea for it :)



I support the idea

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congrats all!

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Congrates all :)

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Well done!

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Congratulation to all the top contributors ..stay connected and helping other :)



Congratulations to all..

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Congratulations to all..

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Congrats to All, thank you for your help on the forum

This is great. You guys rock!!

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Congrats Everyone 

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Congrats for all!