I want to change the environment name

My environment name is densingh-daniel@outsystems.com. I want to change the name densinghdaniel into some other name. Where can I change this?. If anyone knows the solution, Please help me. 

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Hi Densingh,

If you are using your personal environment, you cannot do it.

If it is on-premises contact your infra structure team.

If you are using an OutSystems cloud infrastructure, depending on your license you can do it (see here how).

In a nutshell, if you're using an enterprise license, you can change the part before outsystemsenterprise.com, very quickly. If you want to add a specific domain (e.g. www.abcdefg.com), you or your customer will need to buy it and hand you the certificate and you can configure it in OutSystems following the instructions on the link above.



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Yes, you can.

You will need to clear the IPP (intelectual property rights) first and you can do it here.

I've run into the same question, moreover I've created an idea that can hopefully serve as a solution to this question.

Idea: Rename your personal environment

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Hi Densingh, 

You can not do this in your personal environment but you can add the page rules  for redirecting any URL to another one. This is under the Administration tab with menu option SEO URLs.

Refer this -