Release of the Maintenance Manager on the Forge

Hi OutSystems Community!

I have recently released a new component on the Forge which enables developers, operators or even infrastructure managers to dynamically set customisable outage screens for your traditional, reactive and even native mobile applications – all controlled from a single web portal.

The need for a component like this came about during my work on on a suite of OutSystems applications that reach over 30,000 users. A large audience like this dictates the need of managing outages and maintenance windows in the most professional manner without disturbing user experience.

After the component’s success on our portal application, we integrated it into 2 native mobile apps, a native tablet app, 2 reactive applications and a traditional application – and it quickly became a must have feature for all our public facing projects. For that reason, I decided to package the Maintenance Manager into a modular Forge component for the community to benefit from.

You're probably asking your self “Why would I need an outage screen? Doesn’t OutSystems seamlessly promote my changes from one environment to another?”

That is correct. One of OutSystems' great features is its ability to promote changes from one environment to another with no downtime whatsoever. However, that is not why we needed customisable outage screens. We have consistently relied on the Maintenance Manager during:

  • Post-deployment phases: It is very likely that additional tasks/scripts must be executed after the OutSystems deployment and before the application goes live again. The Maintenance Manager had us covered.
  • Pre-deployment phases: Properly setting up for a deployment is key for a successful one and on many occasions we had to ensure that no users were allowed into certain eSpaces during that time.
  • Unexpected outages with external/integrated systems – lets face it, unexpected outages happen and reliable applications need to be ready to handle these kinds of situations.

All features in the Maintenance Manager are based on actual requirements and lessons learnt during our journey to build truly reliable applications with OutSystems, and so, I’m keen for the community to leverage this component as much as we did. I’m looking to maintain this component for the foreseeable future and so I’m open to suggestions for improvement and feature requests.

Link to Forge Component

Happy Coding :)


Nice one Ossama. Although with OutSystems, I never felt the need of maintenance screens, but given the use cases, it makes sense to have one.

Does this also integrate with the LifeTime Deployment APIs for auto mainteneance mode during the deployments?


Hi Swatantra

Not in its current version no. However we are currently investigating CD/CI approaches which compliment OutSystems projects - and that includes leveraging the Lifetime APIs. Extending the Maintenance Manager to benefit from this is definitely something we can add in later releases.



Great addition to the forge. Downloaded and integrated with a reactive app and a mobile app and so far so good! 

Pixelate User wrote:

Great addition to the forge. Downloaded and integrated with a reactive app and a mobile app and so far so good! 

 Great to see the community is starting to benefit from this too. Appreciate the positive feedback.