[CKEditor 5] Integrate plugin in CkEditor 5
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I'm using CkEditor 5 and trying to implement one of its plugins, comments, however I'm having some difficulties to integrate it.

I already tried to create a new Javascript trying to integrate the code referenced on the documentation.

How can I customize the CkEditor on outsystems, using the documentation? 

Thank you all in advance.

Hi Ana,

The current build of CKEditor 5 in this component doesn't have the Collaboration components installed. And the only method to get these available is by creating a new build via this link: https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-5/online-builder/

This means that your can't extent an already created build and therefor there is no way add the collaboration components to the current version of this OutSystems component. 

What you can do is clone my component and use it as a base. Then create a new CKEditor 5 build containing the components that you want and then replace the original ckeditor javascript file (onder Interface -> Scripts) with the new one that you have just created. You will probably also need to adjust the default toolbar and add an action here and there to get things working. 

The current components installed in this CKEditor version are;

Hope this helps and let me know the outcome!



Hello Vincent! I see that you have the Word count on your version. Can you explain me how to use it? 

Another question. I saw that the basic text styles have the subscript and superscript options on the toolbar, but i'm not able to use them. Do you know how can i make them available?


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