Creating Custom Fields on a Form

Hello OutSystems peoples!

So, we've got a bit of a sticky problem. We have a number (hundreds) of "custom fields" in a wizard-style application. These fields need to get added, or not, to a form based on what the user has entered previously in the wizard. The definitions of these fields are stored in our database. These fields are of varying types, including text input, textarea, boolean and dropdown. They don't have a common format such that they could be used as a repeating Entity in a List.

New fields get added to the database periodically, so a "make all the fields in OS and hide them unless needed" approach is impractical because it will add a maintenance requirement to the app.

We are doing a Reactive app, so the Forge components for dynamic forms (which require traditional web apps) won't help. 

I'm seeing which is making me think this isn't supported in OS without dropping to JavaScript, but before I bite the bullet and do some custom code work, I wanted to be sure there isn't any practical way to do this using OS' native tools.


Hi Mat,

Short answer, there is no practical build in way in OutSystems to do this.