[Google Services OAuth2] [Team joining request] Replacing OnNotify with Events and improving Scopes
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Forge component by João Ventura Abreu


I've made a few improvements on this component locally, and I've sent a team joining request so I can publish this new version.

The changes were:

  • In the GoogleOAuthCallback web block, the deprecated OnNotify actions were replaced by Events (note: this is a breaking change; consuming apps will need to be refreshed and refactored -- should be pretty straightforward, though).

  • Preparation logic in the AuthorizationResponsePage screen was improved so that the latest Scope is always saved in the GoogleAccount entity. In the previous logic, if the same user (with the same email address) tries to authenticate with a new Scope, this is not be reflected in the local entity of this module.

I will be using this new version right away for the demo module of the Google Gmail Connector component that I am creating, in which I am following the same patterns seen in the Google Sheets Connector component.



I would appreciate your input on this. In any case, here's the improved OML file attached.



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