I have a text input with a DatePicker widget associated to it. When I select a date/time the input field automatically formats and displays that datetime with 00:00 for the time.

Here you can see the input with 00:00, and an expression showing what the actual value of that text variable is. Regardless of what date format I set on the DatePicker, the time always resets to 00:00. Why is it doing this? The input is indeed a text input (as can be seen in the DOM source in browser). How can I solve this or workaround it? I really do not want to display the value next to the input because the platform is incapable of handling a basic date time input.


This problem has been around for a few weeks or months, I myself have reported the problem to our colleagues at OutSystems. I believe that they are doing everything to resolve it.

You can always use an input with type equal data.