[SSL Pinning Plugin] SSL Pinning vs. iOS vs. MABS 6.2
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I would like to know if you are aware of any problems relating the use of the SSL Pinning component (latest version) with MABS 6 and iOS.

Because in some projects there was a need to change the CER, and now when trying to update the pinning JSON with hashes, the applications always crash on iOS.

The process used was the same as always and what you suggest in the application.




Hi Miguel,

Thanks for highlighting the same. As far as on my side I am still using the latest SSL 5.0.1 with MABS 6.1
And I didn't come across such an issue on both iOS or Android.
Apart from the one conflict which SSL & MultilingualMobile has ..which is known :)



Hi Assif,

I'm having a lot of problems with pinning in this new version of MABS, but I wish someone could help me with this topic.

I thank you in advance for your answer, as it allows you to understand that as MABS 6.1 things are going well.

Will someone on the component development team be able to respond?



Perhaps a good initiative Miguel,

Would be much helpful for all of folks here.

Btw can you mention the SSL version you are referring to & MABS 6.0 or further?

Coz eitheryway  MABS 6.0 is about to deprecate...



I am using the latest version of SSL Pinning and MABS 6.2

I am urgently in solving this problem, I will open a ticket support, and then if we reach any conclusions that are worth sharing with the community, I will do that. Because my mistake today, it could be someone else's mistake tomorrow.



Hello Miguel,

I'm in the same situation on a project. We are using the SSL Pinning plug-in in version 6.0.2, and mysteriously, applications installed on android and some iphone model run fine, but on other iphone models it doesn't, they work for a short period(2 days max) after that they stop identify the SSL certificate.

Do you remember if this incident was resolved and how?

Best regards,

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